Business Headshot Photographer Rocklin, Sacramento, Roseville

Bright and quality professional photos for business are needed for every busy person. Quality profile pictures, LinkedIn account photos, photos for a company's web site, or photos for your blog. Professional headshot photography can be done in my studio in Rocklin or at your workspace or at the location related to your business. Professional headshots will make your business portfolio more attractive, presentable, and quality looking. 
We determine the location for business photo sessions depending on the work that you are doing, cosmetologists it her office, construction related professions at a construction job site, a realtor with houses on the background. I'll be more than happy to offer you different options or locations for photoshoots.
You can pick 2-3 outfits for a business headshot and have multiple photos to pick from. During photoshoot in your office, different items like a laptop, glasses, pens, folders, books can be added, to make your pictures more attractive depending on your profession.