Our kids are growing and amount of happy moments is growing too. I’ve met this adorable girl a year ago at her first professional newborn photoshoot. This time we did a happy first birthday smash cake session. I’m very happy when families are coming back for new photoshoots.

Mom of the girl requested light and simple decorations for 1st birthday cake smash session in Sacramento, with a minimum of props and decor. It was decorated with a teepee tent, flowers, greenery, o n e letters, and the cake. A little adorable model was very happy to do pictures and trying her first cake.
1st birthday photos in Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin might be done in all different styles and themes you’re desire, we can do sessions indoors or outdoor. You can prepare a couple of different outfits for your baby. We serve the cake at the end of the session, but before smashing the cake, I also do some photos with different poses with the setup, you will get more different photos.

For a successful photoshoot, I’m recommending choosing the time of the day when the baby is more active and happy, avoid nap time. Your baby will be happier at a new place if he or she is well fed and rested. For interacting with babies, I have different toys and funny noisemakers.
1st birthday cake images are a wonderful gift for your child.  

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