When my clients coming back to me, it is worth it. I’m really pleased that they let me in their family life. All the family members are like my own. It is exciting to see how the kids growing and changing. During the photoshoot they let me share their precious moments with them. All the participants are involved in the process. Together we create the magic photos, where every smile, glance and movement are valuable.

We arranged this photoshoot on a Christmas tree farm. We spend a spectacular time with this amazing family. Christmas trees made the perfect background for us to make these sincere photos.  It was not only the sun or a blanket that warmed our hearts during the day. Devoted relationship, love and care, that сame from the parents and their beautiful daughters, shine on each snap. The amazing fir scent surrounded us anywhere we go, creating the atmosphere of cozy home and forthcoming holiday.  

Family photo shoot on a Christmas tree farm. Family photographer in Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Sacramento