Nice lavender colors in sunshine light, plus some of my professional skils.

I invite you to the original seasonal photo session on a lavender farm near Sacramento. This is s surreal place with lines of noble violet flowers and surrounded by breathtaking views, where most beautiful and tender family photos could be created.

You will receive both unique photos from the family photo session and be pleased by a nice walk around the farm! Spend your day off, with both quality and result. 
Or, order a private photo session on the lavender field in California.

Uniquely chosen shoot allows me to recreate on a photo endless lavender fields of Provance, located in the south of France. Many people dream of visiting this famous place, to admire it and take pictures there. I invite you to a photo session at a much closer location located in Nothern California.
Professional equipment, experiences editing blurry background will make your smiles twice as bright in sunshine light. Pictures were taken by professional photographer along beautiful lines of lavender always look romantic and unique.
Sparkling shiny day, a gleam of early sunrise, or worm calming sunset—you will be choosing timing for a unique photo session on a lavender farm in Northern California. Sign-ups for a new season are already open!

June and July are times when lavender blossoms in Northern California. If you wish to take pictures on the lavender farm, it’s best to book your spots in advance. I have to contact the farm in advance and be available to you besides my other sessions.    

Lavender field photo shoot near Sacramento. Family photographer in Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, Sacramento