How to Dress Up For Maternity Photography? Rules and tips

When picking up the clothes for milestone photography, a mom-to-be should consider some important facts and recommendations. Read the guidelines for making the right choice.
One of keys to successful photo shots is appropriate and beautiful clothing – that’s what helps us to create a unique image. A mom-to-be and her family members want to look perfect on professional photographs – such moment as maternity is a special occasion. How to pick up the best garments for mom and her family?

How to pick up clothes for Birth story photography?

There’s a myriad of variants starting from causal jeans & shirt and finishing by exquisite fashionable dresses. What to choose? Follow these guidelines to make the right choice:
  1. A woman should feel comfortable both physically and psychologically in the attire she wears. The way we feel impacts our look.
  2. Model’s image should match the location of our photo session.
  3. Take two sets of garments to make your photos more interesting and diverse. For example, a dress and a set that would match the clothes of husband or other kids. Don’t worry – there’ll be enough time to change garments. 
  4. For a family photography session, it’s highly recommended to select the clothes that match by color and style for all models. That adds zest to photos and highlights the unity of family members.
The market is full of elegant dresses for the pregnant

Typical mistakes to avoid

  • Choosing inconvenient clothes that restrict movements and press against the body. Te discomfort experienced by a mom-to-be will be reflected right on her face.
  • Wearing too bright clothes – they steal the attention from the models.
  • Using different styles of clothing for family members– it looks odd and boring.
You’re expecting ababy? Together we can develop a sweet concept of clothing and organize a wonderful maternity photo shoot.