Maternity Props: Make Your Family Photography Unique

Pregnancy is a magic period in family life, that’s why it should be captured in photo shots. Do you want to order maternity photography but wonder how to make photos original and interesting? This is where the maternity props come in handy. I have a lot to offer for you to make a unique pregnancy session.

What are the most popular maternity props?

The Internet is full of maternity photo session pictures – you can always get inspired by watching pictures. I have the following ideas realized in my works:
1. Wooden cubes with letters forming the baby’s name are one of the most popular requests from my clients. Alternatively, we can make a banner or a poster with baby’s name. 
2. Photos with books. Moms-to-be read books for new parents, for instance, “All the ways I love you”, while senior brothers or sisters read books “Big brother” or “Big sister”
3. Ultrasound pictures are another popular request from families. That’s the best and most surprising picture to show the babies when they grow up!  
4. Chalkboard with different signs.

5. Photos with baby’s first clothes or shoes symbolize the family expecting wonder. You can save such accessory for good to make a gift to your child, or use it for the next photo shoots, for instance, newborn photography session or milestone session. More ideas for milestone photography can be found here
Please, note that I provide all props except for clothes/shoes and ultrasound pictures.
If you have some fresh concepts s in your repertoire, you’re welcome! Discuss your offers with me – I’m always open to conversation and realization of my customers’ idea. Together we can create unforgettable shots that reflect the most precious moments in the history of your family.